I really believe that dieting is very hard to do, when counting your calories. So in life we have to watch what we eat at all age’s. Me being 43 years of age, it really needs to be controlled in our 40’s in my opinion.These are my affiliate link if you try them I will get a commission. Hcg Diet Drop, Ideal Fit Shop. Ideal Shape Branded Surveys.  Studies of weight-control diets that are high in protein or low in glycemic index have reached varied conclusions, probably owing to the fact that the studies had insufficient power.
The hormone within the HCG drops allows the body to burn up excess abnormal fat stores in the body and has been shown to help reduce fat cells. With Dr. Simeons protocol, the abnormal fat is the main target during exercise and the core philosophy behind the HCG diet. Other diets can often target the wrong types of fat in the body, leaving dieters confused on why they aren’t seeing results. Through the HCG diet drops, the hormone also works on the hypothalamus, a part of your brain that fulfills various roles including controlling your appetite. While following the scientist protocol, research shows that the hormone can help curb and even eliminate your cravings for starch and sugar, the leading causes of abnormal fat creation and buildup.
Though pregnant women produce over a million units per day, Simeons found that only a mere 125 units per day were needed to reduce weight at a rate of one pound per day, when used with a 500 calorie diet. Studies also believed that the use of HCG to help cure other disorders in the body. His research revealed a connection with diabetes, and the ability to lower a diabetic patient’s blood sugar each day, often reaching normal levels in 2-3 weeks. Rheumatic pains can also decrease within a few days of HCG treatment, and allows patients to interrupt prolonged cortisone treatment. This interruption is key due to the disadvantages and negative effects associated with prolonged cortisone treatment. High cholesterol has also been seen to decrease with the introduction of HCG helping to lower overall blood pressure. HCG usage has been proven to help patients with gout pain, even if levels of blood uric acid are increasing during treatment. The overall lowering of blood pressure was also a significant discovery when it came to the use of HCG. When a woman with high blood pressure became pregnant, her blood pressure would often drop quickly, before slowly increasing once again after pregnancy. However, studies showed that their blood pressure never got back up to the same levels it was at before pregnancy.

HCG combined with 3 essential amino acids!

By combining the power of HCG with the 3 dynamic amino acids arginine, ornithine and carnitine you may benefit your weight-loss program by increasing your levels of fat-burning hormones and providing more nutrient delivery to working muscles.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, normally obtained by eating protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Adding supplemental amounts of these amino acids in the right dosage, at the right times may help you lose weight faster than with diet and exercise alone. Always consult your doctor before taking any amino acid supplement.

Supplementation with the amino acids arginine, ornithine and lysine may benefit your weight-loss program by increasing your levels of fat-burning hormones and providing more nutrient delivery to working muscles. An increased Nitric oxide production from L-arginine supplementation increases muscle volume, speeds recovery and even amps up fat burning. One direct benefit of increased HGH levels is higher quality and deeper sleep, associated with the REM or rapid eye movement period of sleep. Users often report waking more rested, decreased fatigue and faster weight loss.

Types of Body Fat

This historical research brought Simeon to the analysis and studying of fat in the human body and the various forms it takes on. Simeons establishes that the body has three types of fat. The first is structural fat, which fills in the gaps between organs, and as Simeons puts it, acts as a packing material. It helps protect our arteries, provides bedding for the kidneys and keeps the skin smooth and taut. Structural fat also provides the springy cushion underneath the bones in our feet. The second is normal fat, which is our normal reserves of fuel that can be drawn on by the body for energy. Fat packs a high amount of calories in a small amount of space and is used for muscular activity and the overall maintenance of the body, including its temperature. Both structural and normal fat are important for the body and holding maximum capacity of both is completely healthy and never considered obese. The final type of fat however, is abnormal fat and is the most important for weight loss. These fats are created by the high consumption of starch and sugar in the modern diet, and over time, continues to build up in the body. This is the fat that causes obesity, and is found most often around the hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs. The body is unable to use this fat as energy and therefore, without proper weight loss methods, it will remain in the body. When obese patients are looking to reduce abnormal fat by eating less, they first lose their normal fat reserves. As those reserves empty out, the body then switches to structural fat and uses that as its energy. By the time the normal and structural fat reserves are used up, the body would eventually switch over to abnormal fat, however, by that time the body is often too weak and hungry to properly exercise and diet. This is where the concept of losing the “wrong type of fat” comes from. In this situation, dieters soon become exhausted, and their body has changed very little. They have only lost the good, natural fats and none of the bad fats.

How Our Body Stores Fat

Simeons made an interesting connection between how fat works in our body and the concept of a bank. Our fat storage works like bank accounts, as certain reserves are consistently drawn upon, while others are locked away for large amounts of time. He knew that in order to lose weight, we must understand how our body deposits and withdraws fat. On this point, he also emphasises that the “fat banks” in our body can be abnormally small from birth, causing abnormal fat to build up quicker. He also connects to his early studies of the diencephalon and realised that a weaker diencephalic center could be a cause of abnormal weight gain. His final point when it comes to the fat banks in our body tied into the way in which we eat large amounts of food all at once, rather than small amounts of food throughout the day. This system of eating causes an exhaustion of the fat-bank, in which the fat-center is all of a sudden called upon to take on large amounts of food that it is not used to dealing with. Simeons references a time in WWII where around 6,000 starved Polish refugees were held in Russia, before being released to a camp in India. At the Indian camps, they were well housed, given normal amounts of food and after a mere three months, 85% of them were obese. This is due to the way in which the body adjusts depending on the amount of food that we take in. This quick rush of food overpowers the diencephalic mechanism which controls how we take on food, and can often lead to obesity, as the body doesn’t know where to put excess fats. Sudden changes in food consumption can therefore be harmful to the body and creates strains on our control centers. The type of food that is eaten can also cause the same harmful factors. Foods such as sugar, white flour, butter and oil are highly refined and are rapidly digested, not giving the body enough time to properly digest it.