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Exercise & Fitness

Exercise your way back to health

Are you one of those people, who constantly convince themselves or others that you have no time for gym or don’t have access to gym or you just travel to much and can’t exercise.If you ask me why bodyweight exercises is so good, the reason is first of all you have to lift your own body weight and moreover it works multiple joints together so the fat burn or calorie burn is even more, also when you do bodyweight exercises you know how much of an effort you have been putting as compared to lifting weights or machine weights in the gym and the best reason is you need not spend on any equipment, all it requires is, yourself and good pumping music.


When you push up your body use many muscle group thus increasing the fat burn. Pushups is very good to improve your body posture by strengthen the spine and opening up the chest muscles. push ups is the stretch it provides to your biceps and back muscles. As you lower yourself to the floor, your back muscles are effectively stretched, and as you push yourself to the starting position your biceps obtain a full stretch.


One of the best exercises to warm-up and increase your heart rate burning fat and more calorie. High knees develop strength and endurance of the hip-flexor and quads i.e the muscle that lifts the knees.


Squats not only gives you toned butt and legs but keeps your knee strong and improves your flexibility. Squats burns more calories and if you are someone who is facing issues with cellulite, then squat.


Lunges works on your legs and your core thus giving you that nice toned legs while improving your flexibility at the hips.Lunges are one of the best functional exercises that improves your performance of natural everyday movements.


If you  do these exercises regularly and focus on your diet as well, you will lose the weight, look great and feel more energetic.Also I have my affiliate links inside the post for you all to check out and try Hcg Diet Drop, Ideal Fit Shop. Ideal Shape Branded Surveys.

2 thoughts on “Burn Fat at Home

  1. Hi there,

    nice list man. Bodyweight is the only way to go I think. There are so many options to make the excersises harder or easier and like you said, you don´t need anything. Maybe a chair…

    I want to start today! In which order should I do these excersises?

    Thanks for putting that together!

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